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Notice: New versions are out on Apil 22nd 2024 - Check: the download page
. Report any issues to the EpiData List.

The xml file format based system has been working for a long time. You may still read rec and chk files, but all are urged to use instead the new epx file principle. For changes search the archives of the news list (see below)

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What is EpiData Software ?- See General flyer (250kb pdf)    SPC flyer (175kb pdf)

A field guide including field epidemiology examples, a guide to create an SPC Control Chart in 5 minutes, further notes and examples are available.

Users are kindly asked to challenge test versions - click here for download

+ EpiData Entry is used for simple or programmed data entry and data documentation. Entry handles simple forms or related systems Optimised documentation and error detection features. E.g. double entry verification, list of ID numbers in several files, codebook overview of data, date added to backup and encryption procedures.

+ EpiData Analysis performs basic statistical analysis, graphs, and comprehensive data management. E.g. descriptive statistics, SPC Charts, Recoding data, label values and variables. Defining missing values.

Discuss problems and questions on the EpiData list and report definite bugs to the development documentation database.

Development plan 2006-2010. An overall development plan including conversion to open-source has been developed. The estimated total cost is currently 250-300000 Euro of which 60% has been financed.

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Relate Example

Simple entry

Compare double entry

Count ID Several files

Analysis Html Output

Setup Analysis

Screen elements Analysis

EpiData software installation can be as simple as copying the program files. For example, it can be run from a USB pin (memory stick) and is small (<2.5mb).

Development of EpiData Software is decided in consultation with an international group of persons and released by the (non-profit) EpiData Association from Denmark

The software is released for free due to funding and voluntary work
But please notice the expectation of contributions in work or funding
(See complete description of license and principles).

Strategy. Since year 2000 EpiData Software has developed from securing the principles of Epi Info V6 to an independent documentation oriented system with several translations and numerous downloads. To secure continued viability organisations and governments working outside low-income countries are expected to assist with funding or other support for development and maintenance of software. A full conversion plan to secure this and convert the software to open-source has been made .

EpiData is currently developed for windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. (PowerMac with emulator, tested on linux variants using wine with succes, but some limitations)

  • Compatibility - Specification
  • Encryption of data with Rijndael/AES strong encryption.
  • Data export to Stata, SPSS & SAS with labels and missing value definitions, DBF, CSV.
  • Data Import from DBF, CSV, Stata with labels and missing value definitions.
  • Analysis reads standard formats (dbf/csv/rec format) and produces standard HTML output.

Read: Disclaimer  -  license  -  list of donors  -  Consider a donation  -  acknowledgements  -  history  -  Courses.

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